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Security Sensors are the eyes and ears of your property, informing you and other smart devices of changes in status 24/7. Sensors take control of your lights and appliances so you can customize how and when to control devices around your home or office. Equip your place with Security Sensors to monitor activity, react to environmental changes, and activate/deactivate lights and appliances automatically according to time of day or programmed events.

Door & Window Sensors

Door and window sensors let you know when people are entering and leaving your home or office and can even turn lights on and off as doors are opened and closed.

Garage Door Sensors

The wi-fi connected smart garage door give you some extra piece of mind. You can open and shut your garage door from your phone, and from any location.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors detects motion and movement in an area. They safe guard your property by alerting you if there is movement within your place, or if your doors or windows have been opened or closed.

Fire / Smoke Detectors

A fire or smoke detector measures levels of carbon monoxide in the air and will warn you if levels are dangerous.

Entry Alert Sensors

Create an invisible protective barrier around your home or office to monitor your surrounding property by installing any type of entry alert sensors.

Glassbreak Sensors

Glass break sensors add an extra line of protection to your property. If glass is broken, you'll be notified by a loud alarm when danger is near.

Leak / Moisture Sensors

A moisture detection sensor can give you a heads up if your home or office is at risk due to freezing pipes, or even a broken waterline. These sensors alert you to the leaks in your home or office before the damage occurs.

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