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Equipping your building with a high-quality intruder alarm system is one of the most reliable ways you can protect your property. Intrusion alarm systems (more commonly called Intruder/ Burglar Alarm System) make-up an important part of any complete residential or commercial environment system which detects any illegal/ unauthorized entry into any premises along with notification to responding authorities.


The burglar alarm systems monitors the perimeter of a home or a building for breaches, such as opening a door or breaking a window. Intrusion systems can utilize wired or sometimes supervised wireless technology to connect field devices or detectors to the main alarm control panel. When the control panel recognises an intrusion, it sends signals to the alarms to perform a certain action.This action is will depend on the type of alarm and system you’re using, but it’s likely to involve sirens and/or strobe lighting. Here are some additional benefits of installing intrusion burglar alarm system.

Key Benefits

Improved security

Intrusion burglar alarm systems use a secure cellular connection that is fast and reliable, enabling real-time awareness and alerts from your home, and combating many of the vulnerabilities.

Easy upgrades

Wireless systems are more future-proof than their hardwired counterparts. If the system or its components become broken or outdated, you can swap in new ones without too much trouble.

Battery power

Intrusion alarm systems often use batteries as their main source of power or as a backup. As a result, you can stay up and run even through a power outage.

Remote control

Wireless systems are easier to operate from outside the house. Depending on the system, you can arm and disarm either from a smartphone app or using a key fob/transponder.

Flexible and versatile

Wireless burglar alarms come with wireless sensors that you can quickly move or position wherever you want in your property. Also, you can add extra sensors to the system as and when required, without the need for extensive reconfiguration.

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