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Fingerprint access control and time-attendance system is the smart solution for total security. Having the ability to truly protect digital information and physical property by removing old obstacles can help any enterprise have the security they need. Using a biometric fingerprint access control system helps to identify unauthorized users through advanced features such as Man Trap and Smart Card based Identification. It is a known fact that a fingerprint is unique to every individual. Hence, this eliminates the prospect of unauthorized entry.


The biometric attendance system is a great upgrade over the existing online time and attendance tracking systems in the market today.The different types of biometric-based access control devices are fingerprint-based systems, face ID-based systems, and multi-biometric recognition devices that are fool-proof and have been designed on the basis of the latest technology. Here are some additional benefits of installing biometric access control & attendance system.

Key Benefits

Highly Efficient

Biometric verification systems not only enhance security, but makes it easier and more efficient to manage key functions such as attendance tracking for payroII. It is even helpful for employees as they don't need to carry cards everywhere.


Biometric security gives a layer of security in bypassing the necessity for traditional passwords that allow employees the ease of access to areas and info that they need in order to finish their jobs.There’s just no need to reset the passwords.

Profitability and Security

Once the biometric verification system is integrated, there’s no need to invest in additional capital. This significantly cuts upfront and ongoing investment costs.

User Friendly

Biometrics has rapidly become an integral part of security infrastructure and multi factor authentication. It provides quick and simple verification, audit logs, as well as analysis.New data can be entered quickly and logs analyzed fast. Once the table of entry and exits is created, it’s easy to study and manage.

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